The Original RingSLIPPER® … It Works!

Painful swollen fingers and Ring Slipper

Now you can enjoy wearing rings you haven’t worn in years

Don’t let enlarged knuckles or painful swollen fingers keep you from wearing your favorite rings!

Just 2 squirts of this amazing liquid allows rings to slip on or off your finger with ease.

Developed by a professional jeweler …this super-slick fast-drying liquid doesn’t dull or gum fine jewelry like soaps and lotions.

The sanitary way to moisten skin instead of using saliva to try to slip rings onto or off of enlarged fingers.

Often imitated … never duplicated … since 1995!

Don’t be fooled by knockoff imitators using gooey gummy aloe and other substances.

Originally, RingSLIPPER® was introduced to jewelers for in-store use to help customers remove too-tight rings. When customers experienced how good it worked they wanted it for personal use. RingSLIPPER® was re-packaged in smaller travel size bottles with a fine mist sprayer. People began to tell jewelers they used it to remove rings after exercising and playing sports, during periods of water retention and in warm weather when their bodies tend to swell. Women liked the small container that made it convenient to carry in a purse.